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My "3D dance factory" program (old computer assignment)Dancing

Dancing rocks!!! Especially couples dancing (dancing with a partner)!

Following a childhood of trying to imitate Michael Jackson (which I still do on occasion) I started Salsa dancing back in Cairns late 2004 when my favourite Pakistan friend Durrani convinced me it was a good way to meet girls. While most of the girls I met at this place were ten to thirty years older than me I really enjoyed the dancing, and when I moved to Brisbane in 2005 I took Swing dancing lessons and joined the uqdance club as soon as I found out about it. In 2006 I became treasurer of uqdance and became REALLY involved in it. I'm no dancing expert, but I'm a pretty good/confident lead (or so I'm told) and find it heaps of fun - part of my identity even. Below are some resources I've created to help convince you that EVERYONE should dance!

Special Files

  • Dancing Tips For Beginners.pdf (750 kB) .doc (2.1 MB) starstar - READ THIS DOCUMENT! I wrote this document for uqdance, but I think anyone considering learning any couples dance should read it! It contains: (1) top ten list of reasons why you should learn to dance, (2) top ten tips for beginnersand (3) an explanation of dance etiquette for both girls and boys. It's long, but it's worth reading!
  • Unofficial_Guide_to_Running_UQDance.pdf (560 kB) .doc (19 MB) star - A handy booklet I've written for all future executive members of our dance club. Should also serve as a good guideline for similar dance clubs and a good template for other social university clubs.
  • Being_a_Gentleman.pdf (140 kB) - This article is a bit embarrassing actually, total overkill for the point I was trying to make, but as it turns out I'm not phased much by public embarassement. I think the point I was trying to make is that being a gentleman and being a good dancer should always go hand in hand.

  • Reuda_Calls_for_UQDance.doc (160 kB) star - Ruedo casino is basically a form of Salsa in a circle, where one person yells out calls, and every follows - very impressive to watch ... however the calls are all in Spanish and I know from experiences it's easy to forget them! Here is a condensed list of calls we have taught and often use at uqdance.
  • Reuda_Moves_Described.doc (155 kB) - And here is a larger list of calls/moves described in more detail.

  • 3D Dance Factory (700 kB) star - “3D Dance factory” is a program I made during undergrad which allows you to program and play dance moves (see image above). Download and have play if you want, but sadly there are very few moves because creating all the key frames would have taken me days! PS: If any one has spare time to kill and is willing to give it a shot e-mail me!


Dance Links

  • – only the coolest club at UQ!
  • – a great independent site setup for all styles of dance (jive, swing, tap, salsa etc) featuring some interesting forums about etiquette and so on.
  • – has some good info about different dances & some free demonstration movies. (although their CG figures are obviously not as cool as mine) star