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A new support project I've started - think of it as a giant notepad.


Miscellaneous Files

Welcome to the most special page on this website - the page where I've put files I wanted to share but which didn't really fit and/or belong anywhere else on this site. For instance, I have a document full of recipes I wanted to share - and where does that fit - hey?!! Nowhere, that's where! 

The Best Stuff:

Filename Last Modified Size
Cooking Measurements.xls 13-Jan-06
(26 kB)
Recipes.doc 13-Jan-06
(433 kB)
jokes_-_good_laughs.doc 30-May-06
(34 kB)

My recipe book rocks.

Funny or Interesting Chain Mail:

Filename Last Modified Size
attach_-_women_explained_by_engineers.pps 30-May-06
(114 kB)
e-mail_-_clever_signs.txt 30-May-06
(3 kB)
e-mail_-_how_to_make_a_woman_happy.txt 12-Mar-06
(1 kB)
email_-_basic_advice.txt 30-May-06
(2 kB)
email_-_did_you_know.txt 30-May-06
(4 kB)
email_-_dr_dave.txt 30-May-06
(1 kB)
email_-_eight_words_with_two_meanings.txt 12-Mar-06
(3 kB)
email_-_engineers_are_lame.txt 12-Mar-06
(2 kB)
email_-_in_prison__at_work.txt 30-May-06
(1 kB)
email_-_interesting_facts.txt 30-May-06
(3 kB)
email_-_marriage_as_seen_by_kids.txt 12-Mar-06
(2 kB)
email_-_men_rules.txt 30-May-06
(4 kB)
email_-_men_women_transation.txt 30-May-06
(2 kB)
email_-_what_am_i.txt 30-May-06
(1 kB)
funny_-_more_actual_headlines.txt 30-May-06
(2 kB)
funny_-_rodney_dagerfields--_(actually_don't_find_this_guy_very_funny).txt 30-May-06
(3 kB)
girls_vs_boys_diary.pdf 30-May-06
(27 kB)
interesting_-_the_f_intelligence_test.txt 12-Mar-06
(1 kB)
joke_-_lawyers_jokes.txt 12-Mar-06
(4 kB)
joke_-_salesman_of_the_year.txt 30-May-06
(1 kB)
mind_puzzle_-_count_the_people_then_count_again.gif 30-May-06
(69 kB)
pencil.doc 30-May-06
(1.1 MB)

If you're like me, you often get chain mail. Often it's one of those shitty "if-you-don't-send-this-then..." e-mails and I feel like beating the sender to death with a cardboard - but many of them are funny (and/or interesting) so I've started to keep them. Here is a few of the best ones.

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