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Helpful Files (General Downloads)

This page contains a few of the files I've made (and some from other sources) which you may actually find you can use yourself.

General Downloads Directory




  • MS_Word_Macros (.txt) - Just a few little Word macros - some for correcting e-mail formatting, and others for making printed source code look pretty. I recommend all IT students learn a bit about microsoft Macros. Repetition sucks - make a macro. (NOTE: This is an old copy of my Macros from Jan 2006, "" below uses regex strings and is more recent and more powerful)
  • Normal (.dot) - This contain ALL my macros - very useful for formatting text (includes regex strings) and as a learning tool - contains it's own interactive form/window. To use them, go to: "C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates" (warning: Applications Data is a hidden folder) > rename to, and copy this file into the directory. Start word and press Alt+F8 and/or Alt+1 to get started. If you don't like it rename the old normal document template to again.
  • PowerPoint_Macros (.ppt) - Some very useful PowerPoint macros. These include macros which can: compile ALL notes into a single text box, (2) generate a progress bar for your slides, (3) print slide timings above slides, and much more. Comes with instructions - basically when you have this PPT open you can run any of these Macros in any other PPT file you have open. (a copy of the raw VB code is here: MS_PowerPoint_Macros.txt).
  • Visual Studio .NET Macros (.txt) - Useful if you program with Visual Studio .NET. Functions include: changing formatting / comment types, counting brackets, aligning comments and much more.


  • UNIX commands reference card (.pdf) star - you'll need these UNIX commands in cp1300 (& possibly others) - and, lets face it, these commands are easy to forget. so here they all are on a single, simple sheet.