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High School Work

It seems strange to upload some of my work from way back in high-school, but actually some of it was pretty good. I went to high school at Smithfield State High School (SSHS) in Cairns. I really grew to love that school actually, and I had some fantastic teachers over the years. Our school didn't always have a great reputation, but somehow our principle Larry Gallagher improved the school's reputation; from the high-school people heard bad stories about to one of the top 12 schools in Australia. I guess it's not all that surprising that I chose IT, because our computer facilities were excellent (the best in queensland now I believe) and the school wins numerous awards in IT.

Anyhow, I've upload a few old assignments to this directory; you might find something interesting if you search around (old user manuals), however the best of them are listed below:

Little Programs:

  • Memory Game (.zip || .exe) (280 kB) Memory Game - Source Files (.zip) (1.5 MB) Documentation (.doc) (800 kB) - Pretty cool game of memory written in Visual Basic. It lets you chose up to four players including computer (AI) players, set up the board and game property, and it's a pretty cute little program actually. Source code should be easy to read, but you'll need MS Visual Basic 6.0 installed. VB makes writing a GUI based program like this really easy.

Computer Assignments:

  • Computers - Robot Presentation (.ppt) (2.0 MB) Robot Speech (.doc) (40 kB) - Explorers the question "will machines ever think"; looking at the potential of robots & AI - addressing some serious questions, but doing it in a flippant way. Definitely one of the most fun assignments I've ever done at high school. star
  • Computers - Millennium Bug (.doc) (31 kB) - Remember y2k? This assignment is a bit boring to read though, but it will help you remember the greatest anticlimax of the millennium (just as I predicted thank you very much). :-P
  • Computers - Database Prototype (.mdb) (2.0 MB) - Not especially interesting, but shows a MS Access database I designed for an environmental consulting company (complete with queries, forms, reports etc.) as a grade twelve assignment.

English Assignments:

  • English - War Poem (.doc) (25 kB) - Absolutely nothing to do with computers, but I pretty proud of this poem - keep in mind I wrote it in grade ten. Poems which rhyme are often a bit try-hardish (unless written by a professional) - I think poems which don't rhyme are easier, and can have more freedom and meaning.
  • English - Bell Birds (.doc) (25 kB) - While I'm on the topic of poems, here one I absolutely adore (and recited once for English). Did I write it? Shit, I wish!
  • English - Doctors Surgery - Short Story (.doc) (25 kB) - Cute story I wrote in grade nine (based loosely on a poem).

NOTE: Keep in mind these downloads were written in high school - and the further back you go, the more basic they're going to be. :-)