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If you study Information Technology / Computer Scienece, this might be your lucky day. This site is dedicated to bringing you the advice, survival tips, summary notes and sample assignments you always wished for. I did my undergraduate at James Cook University (JCU) in Cairns Australia from 2000-2004, studying a bachelor of information technology (professional strand) with honours. At JCU I was also a tutor, mentor and member of the computing club, and it was during this time I discovered I had a love of teaching and helping people. Since then I've finished a PhD at the University of Queensland, and moved off to San Diego, but I have kept and will continue to maintain these "help pages" - containing subject notes from university and also copies of my old assignments dating back all the way to high school! Please note, however, that most of newest "help pages" and "lessons" are available on the (easily searchable) wiki section my site (here).

Feel free to contact me at NOTE: typing your e-mail directly into webpages these days isn't very wise - web crawlers will find it and put you on spam lists for any reason.

I hope you find this web site helpful,


   Dr Andrew Noske.


PS: The picture of the swan represents a nickname of mine from JCU times! JCU remains one of my favourite universities - if you're considering going there go for it!


With the grace of a swan.