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A new support project I've started - think of it as a giant notepad.


JCU Downloads (the original swan files)


These are the "original swan files", made famous by the fact students are lazy, and so always wanted to borrow my study notes. So one day I decided if I just uploaded them people like Josh wouldn't bug me so much...... and the rest is history baby! I hope these notes help people, although, with every year that passes, I suppose the content gets slightly less relevant. :-)
star -- good and/or helpful.
Right click then "save target as". If you want to download quickly use uni machines (or get ADSL!).

Subject Summaries:

It's always a lot easier to read off paper than off a computer screen. Hopefully, most of the subject material from the subjects below hasn't changed since I did the course.

year1: (2001)

year2: (2002)

Old Assignments:

NOTE: Lecturers are suppose to change all assignments every year - and for this reason there is no problems with showing student and old assignment as a learning reference.

year1: (2001)

year2: (2002)

year3: (2003)

honours stuff: (2004)


NOTE: HEY! Just because I have a color-coded timetable doesn't make me a girl! I resent that. Pink is a perfectly masculine colour.

  • Subject Results Template (.xls) (79 KB)starstar - once you work out how to use it, this spreadsheet is excellent for determining what you need to get that grade you want
  • Lecture Timetable Template (.xls) (54 KB) - most people like to design their own pretty timetables - here's one I made earlier. Err..... at least it's colorful.
  • UNIX commands reference card (.pdf) (12 KB) star - you'll need these UNIX commands in cp1300 (& possibly others) - and, lets face it, these commands are easy to forget. so here they all are on a single, simple sheet.


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