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In this section I have created a couple of "lessons" which I believe are important for IT students to know and learn - and can't hurt for non IT students too!


  • Making a Website starstar
    • This web page will take you though the five step process of making a website and also includes a subsection "Choosing a Web Hosting Provider". I wrote it in simple English deliberately so even a person with a limited understanding of the Internet should understand, and I'm hoping it will help a lot of people out there understand what's involved in getting their website online, and deciding the best course of action.

  • Become Proficient at MS Word (.doc)
    • A document I wrote a fair while ago, using Office 2003, but still has some useful tips for learning shortcut keys etc.

  • IMOD Plugins
    • Contains some video tutorials demonstrating how to use plugins I have created for a program called IMOD, to help facilitate the reconstruction and segmentation of "3d density distribution images".

    • I've left the above lessons up for the sake of preserving links, however since I created the wiki section of my site I've put all of my new lessons there!


  • An Introduction to Macros (not sure when I'll get time to do this, but I'm planning on recording some videos showing how easy and cool macros really are)
    • Macros are EXTREMELY useful. If you find yourself spending hours doing something really repetitive or simple in MS Excel or Word, chances are, you could save yourself hours by learning to run & record a Macro - or better yet write one yourself. Macros are small scripts, written/recorded in Visual Basic, which can call almost all the commands in MS Word, Excel and also PowerPoint, and are extremely effective at automating basic tasks. I highly recommend learning about them; I know that when I did my honours project, Macros saved me, literally days of work, rearranging cells and generating graphs in Excel!