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UQ PhD Work

I thought I'd use this page to upload some current PhD stuff here (since I use this site for everything else). Not that I've really produced/created anything special yet - but the good new is I've finally found a PhD project!!!! yay!

I intend to upload any files I think I should share with someone/anyone.... but will probably not update this page very regularly. I won't upload any proper interlectual property (IP) here (assuming I have any).


  • Group Meeting Seminar - "What am I doing here" (ppt) - I'm part of the Ragan group in IMB and we have group meetings every week. Most weeks someone will volunter to talk about what work they've been doing - which is great I think. At two months in I volunteered, mainly so I could talk about my interests, honours project and a few vaigue PhD ideas I had - all of which, unfortunately, are not viable (too many risks/uncertainties and no supervisor to match).... but, I hoped, interesting ideas nonetheless.
  • PhD Ideas (doc) - Breif document not worth reading in my opinion. Never ask an IT student to come up with his own project idea in biology - espeically if he has no biological knowledge.
  • Book Summary - Cell Motility (doc) - a great book I just finished reading, very interesting... I took these notes because I though it would help me remember/memorize some of the content.

All About PhD Life (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) - This page is a bit hard to describe actually - I guess you could say it's part diary, part interesting facts/opinions and part advice to those interested in undertaking a PhD. I've removed the link to it, because it's embarrasing at this stage. If I commit to a project and start making progress I'll feel more credible/qualified to give advice and put the link back up. For now, forget it!