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It takes many weeks to develop a habit. Do it enough, it eventually becomes like an addiction. The the one thing claims it takes, on average, 66 days to form that habit. I don't know where that science comes from, but I do know a great friend gave me the challenge and I decided that I would do push ups each day for 66 days. I wasn't too judgemental on myself when I missed a day, because I made it up the next day, and managed to get through to the end and now I can do 30 push-ups pretty easily. So why would I mess with that format?!

The arbitrary number stands, the main thing is to decide on something achievable... something easy to measure that you can do everyday and will make a positive difference in your life. It could be:

  • physical health - examples: 30 push-ups, walk 30 minutes, 10 minutes yoga.
  • personal life - send a sweet text to a friend, dance 2 times a week.
  • spiritual - 10 minute meditation each morning.
  • key relationship - do a sweet thing for your partner every day (back rub / dishes etc).
  • work - talk to your boss everyday on track for promotion, write a work plan every morning to stay focussed.
  • financial - 10 minutes financial research each day.

There are other goal mechanisms, and you might modify this to be twice weekly or one big goal at the end... but daily is great because it's easier to tick off and stay accountable.

They have a print-out of 66 days with 6 columns, which maybe was intended for one day of rest, but I prefer my version simply because it has days labelled. You can get one in a printable Google Doc here:

66 Day Challenge into Weeks
66 Day Challenge Original


Acknowledgements: Lyubov Venable for introducing this concept to me.