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My mum cut my hair till I was about 18, and I liked it that way. Why pay someone to cut my hair when mum can do it for free! Every-time I go to the hairdressers I still feel the same way I did the VERY first time I visited a hairdresser: like a little kid with no idea what to say.

  • Hairdresser: "what would you like"
  • Me: ......... "umm... I'd like a haircut please"! (as it wasn't obvious "burger and fries please")
  • Hairdresser: "how do you want me to cut it"
  • Me: ......... "umm... shorter thanks" (as if it was possible to cut longer)
  • Hairdresser: "how short?"
  • Me: ......... "well it grows fast so pretty short I guess"
  • Hairdresser: "should I use clippers front and back"
  • Me: ......... "I don't know, should you?!"

I never know what to say because I can never remember what the hairdresser before has done - I don't speak hairdresser and it's not something I pay much attention to. Well NO MORE I've decided! On this wiki page I've taken photo of my hair after a *reasonably* good-length cut, and I'm going to make sure the next time I get a haircut I'll (a) show the hairdresser this page and these photos on my phone and (b) remember to ask after the cut EXACTLY what they did, so I can write it down here!!!

What the last hairdresser did!

  • Clippers size 4 on back and side (I think)... although that was pretty short.
  • Cut the sides off.

Me with good length hair after haircut

Me after good haircut front.png Me after good haircut side.png

Me after okay haircut back old.png Me after okay haircut front old.png

Current Hairdresser

My current hairdresser is a little lady called Kim. It's a little "hole in the wall" chinese run place called "New Cuts Beauty Salon" which charges just $9 for a man's haircut and do a nice quick job. I like it. :)