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A piece of information that referenced at one
point in time is likely to be referenced
again sometime in the near future. 


NoskeWiki is basically is a big online computer notebook. Its primary focus is "computer and programming tips", but it is by no means limited to this. I started this site in December 2006 and slowly built on it every year.

When I write an entry, I am not trying to be exhaustive, but instead cover the points which are most important to me as concisely as possible (usually in point form). In most cases, I will try and include one or two external links to websites which go into more depth on the topic. If you wish to add bits and pieces (or correct my mistakes) you are more than welcome to. :)

The site use to be setup so anyone could edit anything, but due to high levels of spam it's only limited to people I approve - meaning you'll need to setup an account and then I can approve it. Otherwise just e-mail me with what you think should be changed!


In a world full of technophobes, some of us realize the huge benefits of getting our hands dirty. By taking a few hours to learn keyboard shortcuts, installing special software packages or even writing macros and code we not ONLY become much better computer users, but we can often save ourselves DAYS, if not WEEKS of work in the long term.

The trouble is, like most people, I often forget things. The solution of course is to document these things. As a student I use to write down most of the valuable little lessons I learnt in notebooks - alas, I had a habit of losing the damn things, and I certainly don't carry them with me everywhere! Hence I've created this wiki site. Wiki is perfect for this role because it is completely searchable and I can edit it from anywhere.

At the start it was only computer related articles I wrote, but if you take a look at the categories pages you see I've now written articles about all sorts of things!

My Background

My name is Andrew Noske, I grew up in Australia, but currently work in Silicon Valley. My website is I've always had an interest in computers, and in 2000 did a Bachelor of Information Technology with honours at James Cook University, during which time I tutored several computer subjects, then somehow moved into a PhD in bioinformatics at the University of Queensland. I always wanted to try working in industry and currently work at Google.

As well as my strong interest in teaching I am very passionate about documentation and hence I saw the value of creating this site as a both a personal resource and something I can refer others to. In 2005 I created and at the end of 2006 I decided to add this wiki site.

I hope you get something out if it.


    Andrew Noske