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My Australian bingo card after I ticked off Vegemite.

On a trip to Australia an amazing friend of mine did something fabulous for me. She gave me "Australian bingo".

The picture here tell the story of how it works: you make a grid of objects from the country that the person must photograph in order to win. The good news is I managed to finish it! Taking photos of each item made my trip extra fun, and well... if you want to stay in someone's head or heart during their travels.... well this works pretty darn well. ;)

How to make your own photo bingo game

The picture on the right is the original bingo card, but below I've redone it as a Google doc which you can edit and make it your own by following these instruction:

  • Open the Australian bingo google doc.
  • Click: File > Make a copy.
  • Add your own flavor by inserting your own pictures and captions. You might need a little research on where they are going.... it doesn't have to be Australia! ;-)
  • Print on relatively thick photo paper (regular paper will get damaged too easily).

Don't forget that the more personal and more effort you put into the card, the more touched that person will feel - so don't just copy my Google doc as is - copy it and make it personal!

Australia photo bingo game (which you can edit)

Australian bingo.
(See: public google doc)


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Acknowledgements: Amanda Smith for being an amazing friend, and creative enough to come up with this idea (and the original bingo card)! :)