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A new support project I've started - think of it as a giant notepad.



On this page I have created links to some of the personal and professional references written for me over the years.

  • 2000, Larry Gallagher, Principal of Smithfield State High School (SSHS) [read]
  • 2000, Mark Jones, Coordinator Information Technology SSHS [read]
  • 2000, John Kennedy, Engineering Teacher SSHS [read]
  • 2000, Glen Best, Year Level Coordinator SSHS [read]
  • 2003, Senator Jan McLucas, Senator for Queensland [read]
  • 2005, Prof Mark Ragan, Division Head of Genomics and Computational Biology at the Insitute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) [read]
  • 2010, Prof Micheal Ryan, Group Leader at La Trobe University and assessor of my PhD thesis [read]
  • 2011, Dr Brad Marsh, PhD Supervisor and Group Leader at the IMB at the University of Queensland (UQ) [read]


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