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Personal Interests

My primary interesting include:

Computers - Computer programming, graphics design & web page design
Environment - Animal spotlight & aquarium fish collecting
Sports - Soccer, tennis, squash, jogging, touch football & broomball
Other - Debating, dancing (latin & modern), drawing & music (listening & playing saxophone & learning guitar)

I like nature and the great outdoors a lot, however it's always tough finding friends who have similar interests. Many people don't even know what spotlighting is.

Now I'm going to USA soon, I'm going to try and join some kind of adventure club. I also hope to continue playing soccer and finally pick up my old tennis racquet again if I can find anyone to have a social game with.

For the last few months before leaving Australia I've been playing indoor soccer and touch football, so that's something else I might find in San Diego if I search around. And as for broomball... well there is no game like broomball. Broomball can be described as a less violent version of ice-hockey, except the sticks look broom-like with a rubber knob as the head, you use a special rubber ball, but most importantly you wear regular shoes on ice so you basically slide all around the field (momentum is a big factor).