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Very saxy.  :)A life without music is a dull like! I have eclectic taste in music and like pretty much everything except grundge - which - let's fact it, isn't really music anyway. I love chill-out, jazz, pop, ambient techno, classical, pop and almost everything else , although rap can be a bit boring sometimes. Some of my favourite (mainstream) artists are Coldplay, Phil Collins (am I the only one who knows about Genesis?), Robbie Williams, Moby, Michael Buble, Crowded House, N.E.R.D and Michael Jackson (while he was still black). I like latin music too, and dance whenever I get the chance.

Below is some music and files for you to download. Enjoy. [special music window]

( right click on a link to save the music file )

Music Collections:

My Music - (stuff I've composed and some saxophone recordings - nothing special)

Jason's Music - (music from an old friend and lecturer of mine called Jason Holdworth - two fantastic albums, free to download!)

Other Music and Sound - (free music I collected on the net)

Special Files

The following files are a MUST have if you're learning guitar.

  • Guitar_Tab_Book.doc (1.2 MB)starstarstarstar - Contains about 70 of my favourite guitar tabs, compiled from the next, and nicely formatted (includes macros) ready for printing - last updated: 28/06/2006
  • Guitar_Chords_List.doc (1.0 MB) star - Contains a nice image/chart of common cords, and a complete listing of all chords.
  • MS_Word_Macros_-_Formatting_Guitar_Tabs.txt (14 kB) - I wrote these macros to help me automatically format guitar tabs which I cut and paste from guitar tab websites. It's makes the tabs easier to read and comes with instructions too.Woot!
  • Guitar Tab Formatter.doc (100 kB) star - Contains macros above, but already in a word doc to make things easier.