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This page contains a few of the pieces of artwork I drew when I was young. I created this page after I saw a friend do something similar with his own artwork (difference being his work was much better!). I've liked art and liked drawing for as long as I can remember. My grandfather, Bruce Barclay ("Poppie" as we called him), was a fantastic painter, and I'll always remember him as the nicest and most gentle man who ever lived. Not only that, but he was a very patient man; something lacking in most people these days; a real model. I often remember him falling asleep on our balcony a lot when we lived in Darwin, when he was up visiting us, but he never admitted he was asleep, he always used to tell us he was just resting his eyes, and could always hear everything around him. Poppie passed much of his artistic talent onto my mother, but sadly only a fraction of that was passed onto me. Had I taken art as a subject in high school I guess I'd be much better, but a hobby is something you do for fun; it doesn't matter how good you are so long as you enjoy it.

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